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Our Sister School in China
2019 Chinese Visitors - Host Families Needed!

Friday 2nd August to Thursday 8th August, 2019 

This year Paynesville Primary School will be hosting our friends from Changshu Primary School in China. For many years now Chinese students have come all the way to Paynesville to experience an Australian school setting and to enjoy our beautiful area. This is a big effort and it is a relationship we really value. Many Paynesville Primary School students, parents and staff have visited China and we have another group heading over in the September school holidays.

We ask all of our families to consider hosting a Chinese student in your home for the week. Yes, you are busy after school. Yes, they do not speak much English and yes, there are other considerations. BUT…your family will be richer for the experience. We have 15 students to care for in our homes. Please contact the school office and let them know that your family would love to host a Chinese student.


Paynesville Primary School visits to China

Every other year Paynesville Primary School Grade 5/6 students have the opportunity to travel to China. Paynesville Primary School is part of the sister school program and has developed a relationship with Changshu Shimao Primary School in Changshu, China.

2019 will be our fifth school trip to China, where Paynesville Primary School students, parents and staff visit our sister school in Changshu. While we are there we visit the modern city of 28 million people that is Shanghai and we visit Suhouz – Venice of the East – with it’s beautiful canals, laneways and markets. We visit Changshu, where we meet up with our friends at our sister school, Changshu Shimao Primary School. Then we travel by overnight sleeper train to Beijing where we visit the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China.



There are many wonderful sights and sounds in China but the highlight of the trip is meeting up with our Chinese sister school. The relationships we have developed are very special and there are many families in our school who remain close friends with Chinese families they have hosted when our Chinese sister school visits us.

During the 10 day trip we stay in motels and eat out at local restaurants. It is a busy schedule but China is a busy place! The history, the culture, the sights and the sounds are amazing.


Parents must accompany their child(ren). This trip is mainly for Grade 5 and 6 students but families decide on whether their child(ren) are ready for the adventure.

We travel to China during the September school holidays. The cost of flights is approximately $1200 return and the cost of in country accommodation, meals, travel (coach and train) and sight seeing is approximately $1000.


Showing Australia off to our Chinese vistors!


Students and staff from Changshu Shimao Primary School come to visit Paynesville Primary School every year in July and stay for a week with local Paynesville Primary School families. Lifelong international friendships have been formed during this sister school program. It truly is a remarkable experience to share cultures and experience different ways of life. The students and teachers at Changshu Shimao Primary School are extemely friendly. They are always excited to come to Paynesville and experience Australian life, and are very generous hosts when welcoming us to Changshu and their school.

Please contact Paynesville Primary School office now if you are interested in hosting a Chinese student in July or interested in joining us on our 2019 trip to China in September.