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Our 2019 Classes

Our classrooms are predominantly composite classes, designed to best suit the needs of our students. This year we have 7 classrooms - Prep, 2 x Grade 1/2 classes, 2 x Grade 3/4 classes, a Grade 5 class and a Grade 6 class.

Our Prep Class
Our Prep Class

Our Prep teacher this year is Kate Radford. Our Prep classroom currently has 13 students. Our focus this term is setting up classroom and school routines, learning our numbers, letters and sounds, writing narratives, doing lots of reading, learning appropriate school behaviours and how to have fun and be safe while we learn.

Children in Prep spend the last 15 minutes of school sharing books with an adult or older student in small groups. This has been a lovely and calm way to end the day:

With the sound of the day being "th" as in "feather", Preps had an afternoon of craft, singing and role play:

Our Grade 1/2 Classes
Our Grade 1/2 Classes

Mary Sowa is one of our Grade 1/2 teachers this year. 

We have 20 students in 1/2M who have all settled nicely into their new class groups and the new routines that we have worked together to set up as a class community. As well as Reading, Writing, Language (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Maths, students also attend specialist subjects in Sport, Kurnai Language, Kitchen/Cooking, ICT, Art and Music. 

Our classroom is a friendly, supportive and challenging learning environment, where students have opportunities to explore, be creative, achieve success and strive to become independent learners.

Rachel Smith is our other Grade 1/2 teacher this year. You may remember Rachel as our Kitchen/Garden/Cooking teacher last year but this year she has joined the Grade 1/2 Classrooms. We also have 20 students in the 1/2S classroom.

Rachel and Mary work together, planning, teaching and assessing all the Grade 1/2 students in our joint, open plan classrooms.

Home-learning comes home every Monday and is due back on Fridays. We really appreciate parents and carers encouraging their children to do a little home learning every evening and making sure their home learning is handed in every Friday so we can mark it over the weekend and prepare the following week’s home learning according to how they went during the week.

Book Bags and Reading Diaries also come home every night. It’s really important for children to read out loud to a parent, carer or older sibling every night as this increases their vocabulary and sets up good routines for later schooling. Parents and carers should record their child’s reading and sign their Reading Diaries every night and can use the Reading Diaries as a form of communication with teachers.

We are always looking for classroom helpers, so if you have any spare time, please come and join us - our doors are always open!

BELOW: Some of our Grade 1/2 students teaching their skills to their fellow classmates during our Theme unit on "How we learn":

BELOW: Our Grade 1/2 students having fun in the pool during their Term 2 swimming lesson program at the BARC:

Our Grade 3/4 Classes
Our Grade 3/4 Classes

Kate Ingram is one of our Grade 3/4 teachers. Kate has been a primary school teacher for the past 13 years with experience teaching specialist classes (Visual Art and Science), middle and senior school. This is her first year at Paynesville Primary School and she is excited to be working in this small school environment.

Kathleen Callow is our other Grade 3/4 teacher this year. This is Kathleen’s first year of primary teaching, having recently completed her Primary Education Degree in October 2018. She has a passion for working with children that began with her earlier career in childcare. 

There are 22 students in 3/4I and 20 students in 3/4C. The two classes work together in an open classroom environment which allows the teachers to effectively target each students' learning at their level. Students work in levelled ability and mixed ability groups throughout the day and complete a variety of group and individual tasks.

In the middle school students are given more responsibility for their own learning and time is dedicated to teaching students the skills required to become an independent learner. Students are encouraged to question and analyse what and why they are learning concepts in order to make learning meaningful.

We believe students learn best when there is an open communication and commitment between the school, the teacher and the family and welcome parents/guardians at any stage during the school day to assist in the classroom.

Our Grade 5 Class
Our Grade 5 Class

Our Grade 5 teacher this year is Carey White. Carey finished his Primary Education Degree at the end of 2018 and is excited to start his official teaching career at Paynesville Primary School this year.

Our Grade 6 Class
Our Grade 6 Class

Teaching alongside Carey in our senior classrooms this year is our Grade 6 teacher, Jarryd Floyd. This is Jarryd’s fifth year at Paynesville Primary School. Carey and Jarryd work together, planning and teaching all the senior school students in joint, open plan classrooms.

The senior school students have settled well into their new classes and are working together to ensure a positive learning environment for everybody. Within the Grade 5 and 6 classrooms, students are exposed to subjects such as Reading, Writing, Language (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Mathematics. In addition to this, students also attend specialist classes in sport, Kurnai (local Indigenous language), ICT, cooking, gardening and art.

This term, students have been working on a variety of strategies to help them as readers, including inferring, retelling, skimming and scanning, to name a few. In writing, there has been a focus on persuasive and narrative writing. Students complete spelling and grammar activities each week on a variety of topics, including vowel and consonant blends, synonyms, antonyms, as well as identifying and correctly spelling misspelt words. In Mathematics this term, students have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes, place value and addition. The students have started a new unit on subtraction, which will carry over into Term 2.

In the senior school, a high importance is placed on reinforcing student’s learning at home. For this reason, home-learning goes home with the students every Monday and is due back on Fridays. The support of parents and carers is much appreciated, as they can ensure the students complete it and hand it back on the Friday, so it can be marked over the weekend and the next week’s home learning can be prepared.

Reading is a fundamental part of every child’s learning and our aim is to foster and nurture a love of all things literature! Reading diaries are given to each student to be signed each night after they have read from a book of their choice. Reading aloud to a parent, carer, or older sibling is encouraged. Reading diaries can also be used for communication between the parents or carers and the teachers.

Feel free to come by the Grade 5 and 6 classrooms at any time to meet Carey and Jarryd – their classrooms are always open during school hours!