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Our 2021 Classes

Our classrooms are predominantly composite classes, designed to best suit the needs of our students. This year we have 7 classrooms - Prep, 2 x Grade 1/2 classes, 2 x Grade 3/4 classes, and 2 x Grade 5/6 classes.

Our Prep Class
Our Prep Class

Our Prep teacher this year is Angela Stringer.

Over the years, Angela has worked at Paynesville Primary School in a part-time capacity as the specialist teacher in Library, PE, ICT, Art and Kitchen. In Terms 1 and 2 last year, Angela returned full-time into a classroom role, team teaching middle school with Mary Sowa, while Kate Ingram was on sick leave, then continued in Terms 3 and 4 as the Grade 3/4 Literacy and Numeracy teacher, working with small groups.

Both of Angela's sons attended Paynesville Primary School and are now in VCE and university. As a family, they spend their time on the farm and capturing all the fun the Lakes have to offer. Angela says that Paynesville Primary School has many great programs on offer and she encourages all students to make the most of their opportunities and enjoy life to the max! 


Kate Ingram is very excited to be our Grade 1/2 Team Leader and full-time classroom teacher this year, teaching 1/2I. Kate has been a primary school teacher for the past 15 years with experience teaching specialist classes (Visual Art and Science), middle and senior school. This will be Kate's third year at Paynesville Primary School, having taught Grade 3/4 the previous 2 years, as well as successfully beating cancer during that time!

Our Grade 1/2 Classes

Rachel Smith is our other Grade 1/2 teacher this year, teaching 1/2S. Rachel and Kate will be working together, planning, teaching and assessing all the Grade 1/2 students in their joint, open plan classrooms.

We have had a wonderful start to the year and look forward to some exciting learning and activities throughout 2021. 

Home Reading 
Students will be taking home readers on a daily basis, along with a Diary. We expect students to be reading at home for 15 minutes each night, filling in their diary and having it initialled or signed by an adult. Daily reading is vital to students' progression in all areas of the curriculum. Students will soon be receiving M100W words in their diaries to practise sight words. Please help your child to have a go at these daily.

Home Learning
Students will be receiving home learning every Monday and it needs to be completed and returned every Friday. There will be a mixture of maths, reading comprehension and writing activities. Please support your child to complete these each week.

We will be learning the Australian Sign Language this year. We'll be learning new signs each week and practising them throughout the week. Please ask your child to show you what they've learnt so far!

We would love to have some volunteers to help read through the M100W sight words and/or listen to the students read in the mornings. If you have a free morning, please see Rachel or Kate and we will pencil you in for a time.


Mary Sowa is our Grade 3/4 Team Leader and teacher this year, with Jess Sargant (see below) as our other Grade 3/4 teacher. 

Our 3/4 teachers this year will also be joined by Jorden Collins, Caroline Taylor, Bec Pyke and Suzi Hudson, who will be supporting students within our classroom. Trinity Fordham will also be joining our team as a Learning Tutor to catch up and extend students' learning. 

As far as possible, we will be working our Grade 3/4 class as one big classroom - which gives us greater flexibility in grouping students and targeting the learning specifically to their needs. It also gives students the benefit of two teachers' experience.

We aim to make better use of our student diaries as a way to communicate students' learning achievements or other highlights during the week.

Reading - we will be covering the strategies of inferring and summarising which are key reading strategies at a Grade 3/4 level. At the start of Term 1 we will also be conducting a new reading test on each student, to determine their reading level as well as their learning needs.

Writing - our focus will be on first person narratives and then persuasive writing.

Spelling - we will be using a new approach to spelling which will build on students' sound knowledge but will also extend them into other spelling strategies to do with the structure and meaning of words.

Maths - topics for this term are place value, decimals, fractions of a whole and addition.

Sport - ball handling skills.

Geography - continents and oceans, major features, climatic zones and climate change.

Respectful Relationships and Resilience - problem solving and managing stress.

Italian Language - greetings, pets, food, family members and numbers 1-10.

Specialist Subjects - Art (with Deanne Howlett), Kitchen and Music (with Serena Jefferis).

Jess Sargant (Miss S) is our other Grade 3/4 teacher this year. Jess has been teaching since 2012 and this will be her second year teaching at Paynesville Primary School, having taught Grade 1/2 last year. 

Jess recently moved to Newlands Arm from Langwarrin, near Melbourne, with her partner Nic. They own a 41ft ex shark fishing boat named Roma who they entered in the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally last year. Jess loves camping and seeing as much of Australia as she can. They have two dogs named Flossy and Hoosha.

Jess says it is a dream come true for her to be teaching at Paynesville Primary School and she cannot wait to to make more incredible memories this year. Please don’t hesitate to come and introduce yourself – she says she's always up for a chat!

Our Grade 5/6 Classes
Our Grade 5/6 Classes

Our Senior Team Leader and one of our Grade 5/6 teachers this year is Jarryd Floyd. This is Jarryd’s seventh year at Paynesville Primary School. Jarryd and Erin (see below) work together, planning and teaching all the senior school students in joint, open plan classrooms.

We are so excited to welcome the grade 6s back into our classes this year. We’re equally excited to have our fabulous new grade 5s join us in the Senior School this year. We’re also lucky enough to be joined by Kerry Walters, Cecile Oates, Suzanne Hudson and Jorden Collins, who will all be supporting learning within our classrooms.

This year we’re also welcoming Lucy Dangerfield into our classes. Lucy is in our class as part of the Tutor Learning Initiative, to help students catch up and extend on learning they may have missed during the 2020 remote learning period.

Learning in Term 1 2021
Term one will see us target a fun and wide range of learning topics.

In writing we will be covering a range of genres including Autobiography, Biography, persuasive and recount.

In reading, we will be covering strategies that will assist students with their comprehension of texts. These include visualising, connecting, asking questions and inferring. We are also focussing on reading stamina, which will see students practice lengthening the amount of time they can comfortably read for.

In maths we will be covering topics such as, shape, line and angles, place value and addition/subtraction. We’ll continue testing through our usual pre/post testing, as well as through essential assessment. 

Inquiry this term will see us all become Brainologists as we study the brain in our science units. By the end of the unit students will have a deeper insight into how the brain changes as we learn, as well as the purpose and function of different areas of our brains. We will also be exploring some of the physical and behavioural features of desert plants and animals, and compare them with plants and animals that live in other environments. Students will pose questions and develop evidence based claims to support their reasoning. Through hands on activities, students will investigate how the features of desert plants and animals will help them to survive in their own natural environment.

This year students in Grade 5/6 will be learning Japanese. This will include students learning greetings, pets, food, family members, and numbers 1-10.

Feel free to come by the Grade 5/6 classrooms at any time to meet Erin and Jarryd – their classrooms are always open during school hours!

Teaching alongside Jarryd in our senior classrooms again this year is Erin Bould. This is Erin's second year teaching at Paynesville Primary School. She actually attended Paynesville Primary School herself between 2000 and 2006 and absolutely loved her time here. Erin's grandma was also a teacher at Paynesville Primary School and her aunt did a lot of relief teaching here.

In Erin's spare time she does a lot of camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. She has a little one eyed, blind dog called Maisey, who is 11 years old. Erin's boyfriend Mitchell is a local labourer and helps build houses. Erin is very excited to be back at Paynesville Primary School and getting to know all her new students.