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University of NSW Exams

The University of NSW Exams provide a comprehensive way to support our teachers in the development of targeted and engaging learning programs to unlock student potential. These integrated classroom assessments, available to all students in Grades 3 to 6, are linked to the Australian curriculum, and provide immediate feedback to support sound teaching and learning.

Students can take part in assessments that are comprised of high-quality objective items that are designed to be used multiple times a year. These assessments provide an external, objective measure of student learning, provide a consistent measure of student growth, allow teachers to compare and contrast assessment data with school-based data, inform differentiated teaching, and support teachers' professional judgement and future learning.

Assessments can be taken in Reading, Grammar & Punctuation, Maths and Science to allow teachers to regularly review their students’ grasp of Australian curriculum content, and support teachers' judgement of individual student progress and ability.

For further information about the University of NSW Exams, please contact the school office.