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Prep Transition Program

In the year prior to starting school, Kindergarten students are invited to come to school every Friday during Term 4. 

Our Prep Transition Program has proved to be of great benefit to Prep students over the last few years as they become familiar with the school staff, other students, school routines and the school environment.

Pre-prep students meet their ‘Buddy’, a Grade 5 student who will support them through the transition to school through a range of classroom and outdoor activities. Coming to school every Friday during Term 4, before they start school the following year, allows all students to experience a taste of what is to come and prepares them for the year ahead.

Parents also have the opportunity to communicate their goals or concerns about their child to the Prep teacher.

"I love doing maths and numbers because it makes me feel good."

- Will, Prep student


Easing into life at Paynesville Primary School. 

During the following February (their actual first year of school) Prep students have a rest day on Wednesdays. This gives new Prep students the opportunity to ease into the routine and rigour of school. It is also a time where the classroom teacher will conduct a Prep interview involving parents and students.

"I love reading because it's nice and I like looking at the pictures."

- Kenzie, Prep student

"I love playing with cars and having fun with my friends."

- Walter, Prep student