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School Council

The School Council is a group that oversees the governance of the school in accordance with the Department of Education’s regulations, playing a key role in our school's accountability and improvement processes. The School Council consists of community members, staff and parents, who all work together with the Principal to prioritise our students' best interests, to enhance the educational opportunities for all our students and to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations. 

Becoming a School Council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. Being part of the School Council is a great way to get involved in the school and have a real say in what Paynesville Primary School is doing for our students. If you have a passion for providing our children with the best possible standard of education then please consider putting your hand up. We have a very strong Council who work closely with staff to govern the direction and effectiveness of the school.

Meetings are conducted twice a term on a Wednesday evening.


Our 2019 School Council Representatives

On Wednesday the 20th March, 2019 the Paynesville Primary School held their first meeting of the new School Council. As part of this process our AGM was conducted and office bearers were elected. New councillors were welcomed and an explanation of what the expectations of a School Councillor were discussed and direction set.

We would like to thank the parents, community members and staff who give their time to be a part of our council and the support they offer.

Our 2019 School Council Representatives are:

School Council President: Nick Fordham

School Council Vice President: Julie Watkinson

Treasurer: Kate Radford

Secretary: Lauren Bills

Seargent at Arms: Matt Hall

Committee members: Eleanor Mitchell, Ingrid Jennings, Laura Owen, Ben Marchbank, Kerry Walters, Kevin Jeffries, Bec Pyke, Matt Hall, Mim Cook, Greg Grant and Carol Roberts.

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution from our previous council members Cecilia Oates, Karly McCaskill and Amanda Roberts who have been valued members of our School Council during the past 2 years. Thank you.

Please contact us and let us know if you would like to be involved or if you have any questions.